About Us

Why us ?

We are living in the world of research, innovation and excellence, whereby nature of business and jobs are changing beyond imagination. In today’s world intelligence and information technology plays a crucial role. Considering these pace of change, we have built a team of neuroscience experts, psychotherapist, information technology and financial experts who are continuously thinking about what is happening in the world of business so that individuals and organisation can anticipate to rethink and redesign their organisation and industry.


To transform and develop the resilience state of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs through artificial intelligence structure.


  • To build simple and 24/7 accessible business development consulting system for the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs to scale up and replicate the business.
  • To provide holistic support of quality professional and technical experts to micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and corporates.
  • "To provide path breaking solutions to Entrepreneurs and develop radical shifts in their mindsets by enabling everlasting transformation s that they can scale greater heights in a dynamic and ever changing world of business."


  • Paradigm shift – We provoke you to think what is impossible to do if it is done, would fundamentally change work and life?
  • Meta – we provoke you to think “meta” i.e. whatever you are thinking, think beyond it.
  • Quantum – quantum is last undivided part of anything. We try to reach at the root of the problem, so that we can build strong foundation of your work and life.

Mr.Nitin Salkar


A firm believer of this quote, he started his journey in finance and investment and after 1998 he transcended towards becoming a career intellect coach by getting professional qualification NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program), work and life coach, REBT advanced practitioner.

Mr. Nitin Salkar is a visionary in the area of intellectual development and career selection, doing voracious research in the field of neuroscience to know how brain is looking at work and life in various stages of life.

He is a career intellect coach, licensed NLP trainer, psychotherapist for almost past 2 decade, having variety of clients in the field in of the education, sports, and msm entrepreneurs, corporate.

Unleashing your potential to become the best you can is the vision of his all programs.

He gives stern warning to his clients, ‘if you deliberately plan less than you are capable of becoming, then I warn you that you’ll be deeply unhappy for the rest of your life. You will be evading you own capacities, you own possibilities.

He freely thinks outside the box, explore the unknown, ask dumb questions and imagine the weirdest juxtaposition of things.

Aditi Salkar

Aditi Salkar is a consultant psychotherapist. She has done her graduation in psychology and diploma in psychotherapy. She is also NLP trainer and an advanced REBT practitioner. She has an experience of working as a Psychotherapist for 4 years where she's dealt with clients suffering from depression, anxiety disorder, children with learning disability etc. She started her career with articleship in Masina Hospital as a consultant psychotherapist. Currently, she's associated as a consultant with PRATYeK - an Ngo that work on Child Rights, The Healing Dove Foundation - an Ngo that works on juvenile rehabilitation, CINTAA - an organization that works for TV and cine artists welfare. She also runs a Student well-being cell in Shri Harshad C Valia International School, Andheri.

She is currently associated with Child Rights in Action(CRIA) Asia as the coordinator. CRIA is an international forum that gives children a voice so they can be actors and take a part in the necessary changes of our society. Child Rights in Action promotes children-adults collaboration by nurturing the idea and the tools of “ DOING WITH ” rather than “doing for” the children.