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Imagine a football game where there is not goalpost, every player and audience will be wondering what is happening. No matter how much passionate or motivated players are, without focus of where you are going, how you achieve your vision, you will soon loose path.


There are some activities you do, that motivate you where you are completely comfortable. These activities are very much essential for the overall growth and development of you and your organisation. When you use these activities with your academic/professional qualification for your career, it becomes your career intellect.


at Intellipedia, we do research at grass route level in the field of education and career. Following are the some of the observations we made.

After 10th standard, students go through psychometric assessments to understand what career fits those best. Contradictorily, these tests only indicate which stream (arts/commerce/science) to select, which are misunderstood as career. After completion of graduation, it is found that majority of students are not employable (either as employee or to start business). Hence, today’s youth have become a victim of motiveless life, which leads to various psychological, social and cultural problems. After the emergence of I.T. revolution, it has become challenging to select path of career as hundreds of industries are running successfully.

As a result there are lots of questions brooding in students mind. What is career? How to select career? What is my talent/passion/intellect? Which is job is right for me? How to start business?

Science behind career intellect test – these test is designed considering the various parts, functions and features of brain and its influence on our personality and hence career. We start developing our intellect from the womb as the learning begins from there. As we grow up, we start developing strengths and weakness.

By nature we are more inclined to focus on our weakness then strengths. Most decisions we make are based on our weaknesses and not strengths.

C.I.T. is one of a kind test that focuses on only your strengths, which is indeed your intellect. The basic concept behind C.I.T. is to understand how your brain is comfortable at various aspects of human being such as behaviours, actions, interactions with others, decision making, internal state, internal process, how you ae paying attention to various things, how you are adapting changes. Obvious, it is only by focusing on one intellect that we begin to excel. The longer we perform, the more distinctions we see. Primary objective – C.I.T. has designed to identify what is your potential (activities which you are comfortably doing) in the organisational structure. Primarily, we conduct C.I.T. to find what your intellect is and how it will enhance your career. This test will help you find your path of least resistance which usually we don’t find till age 40. C.I.T. is unique compared to other personality/psychological test because it does not label you but specifically identifies your intellect and which department in a company it is align with.