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For last one decade or so we are discussing with MSME at grass route level and hence we could identity various key issues, challenges and problems faced by MSME during their overall life span of entrepreneurship.

What we realised is that every business sustains and grows in phases, and each phase is having a unique nature of problems/challenges.

Surprisingly we realised that many of them are not aware of these issues and challenges. If they are aware, they believe that there is no solution to it.

Until you don’t resolve the problem of phase one, you cannot shift into next phase, and so on. Hence, over 90% of entrepreneurs are stuck in phase one of entrepreneurship.

There are many standard challenges every business faces whether they are large or small. These include technical, strategic, skill base, tools they use, technological, human resources, psychological/emotional (which are highly ignored).

Even though starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but sustaining and scaling is one of the larger challenge.

Considering these scenario we have designed artificial intelligence system for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs which will help them to start, sustain and make business profitable.


1 I am emotionally strong to sell my business instead of my product/service.
2 I am getting feedback from market that my company becomes brand.
3 I can bounce back within a period of 6/12 months in case of contingency.
4 I am aware about the definition of vision/mission/value.
5 I can stay energised at the end of the day.
6 I always reached 15 minutes before my appointment.
7 I prefer books/seminars as per my intellect.
8 I am surrounded with professional consultants/experts in my business.
9 I have a system to check my profit and loss of my organisation on regular basis.
10 If my SOP is ready, I know how to sell franchisees.
11 I have standard operating process of my business.
12 I working for scaling up my business.
13 I am always upgrade my technology and software's.
14 According to above I am reshaping my product/service/services on regular basis.
15 I am having employee/customer feedback/complaint strategy.
16 My employees are acting as brand ambassador.
17 My attrition is less than 10%
18 I am having proper manuals which include key performance activities of my employees.
19 I am having organisational hierarchy of employee as per their intellect.
20 I know how to handle objections at various phases of sales.
21 My sales model/manual is ready with me.
22 Those 10/10 prospect I can sell my product effectively.
23 While introducing my product/service 10/10 prospect becomes ready to meet me.
24 I know how to make effective use of marketing tools.
25 My pricing policy varies as per the premium and not premium client.
26 I know purchasing psychology of my clients.
27 My product/service is invented by me.
28 I know various motivational needs and its underlying pain of my clients.
29 I am aware P.E.S.T. effect of my industry on my product/service.
30 If not, I have invented/upgraded unique features than my competitors.
31 My product/service is invented by me.