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Incubation matrix

There are number of prestigious institutes throughout the world dedicated to teach you degree/diploma/certificate of one particular stream or technical skill. The problem is, they failed to teach the business of it. Hence more than 80% businesses abolished in first one to five years.

After the emergence of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTION, it becomes challenging for both parents and students, to select path of their career as thousands of industries are running successfully in the market. (Beware we are standing on the edge of NANO TECHNOLOGY/ROBOTICS) One more thing to worry about is majority of students are not employable (either in employment and entrepreneurship). Hence, today’s youth becomes victim of motiveless life, which leads to various psychological, social and cultural problems So many questions arise in the mind? What is career? How to select the career? What is potential/intellect of the student? What is entrepreneurship? What are myths of employment? How to design the path of least resistance? (as world is changing, nature of career is also changing). Considering the above challenge we have designed career intellect test for the students 1. Who wants to do job, 2. Primarily, who wants to do job and then start business, 3. Who wants to immediately start business, 4. And who are confused what to do next?

Let’s understand the definition of career and intellect.

CAREER is a person’s general course of action did for his survival throughout his phase of life in some job. INTELLECT is person’s capacity for acquiring knowledge and then to take decisions.


There are some activities you do, where you are completely comfortable. These activities are very much essential for the overall growth and development of your organisation, where you are working or it is owned by you. When you use these activities with your academic qualification for your career, it becomes your career intellect. It is observed that the men who have succeeded are those who have chosen one intellect and developed mastery in it. PEOPLE USING THEIR INTELLECT (THEY MAY NOT BE AWARE ABOUT THEIR INTELLECT)

Let’s see example of people who reach at their pinnacle because their intellect not academic qualification.

No. Name of personality Academic qualification Tool
1 Sachin Tendulkar n.a Cricket
2 Lata mangeshkar n.a Singing
3 Amitabh bachchan n.a Acting
4 Zakir Hussain n.a Tabla
5 Sanjiv Kapoor n.a Cooking
6 Walt Disney n.a Disney world
7 Ray crock n.a Mcdonald
8 Azim premji n.a Wipro
9 Steve jobs n.a Apple
9 Marc zuckerber n.a Facebook
10 Rahul Yadav n.a
11 Oprah winfrey n.a Talk show host
12 Bill gates n.a Software

If we study their path of success, it takes average 1/2/3 decades to reach them at the pinnacle of their career. That to when they totally focused on their developing intellect. Just imagine, some of today’s most successful ended up taking different approaches when they got started.

The career intellect is powerful tool to understand and influence your career and various role required in your organisation. Every intellect is creating value to an organisation. It was created by foundation of neuro education through surveys and interviews with various segments of people.

Further they developed/build their organisation by selecting right intellect as partner or employee.

So primarily, first challenge for you is to identify your intellect and intellect of your organisation then building your organisation on that intellect then the key is to run sustainable business is to master various phases of business. Considering the above fact we have designed incubation matrix program for college students,, where by practical aspects will be taken care of.

Go for career intellect test.