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We understand that you know your business i.e. running your school far better than we could. And we as a neuro- educationists and researchers in the field of education do have a good mind and a fresh perspective and we promise to listen carefully to all information you share about your vision and to transform that information into insightful ideas.
Running a school successfully is a major task and you can face some complex problems that have not been addressed successfully (refer list of complex problems and challenges connected to the brain.). Along with school management we need a teacher or researcher in neuro education, who knows about the brain and how it learns best. Educators and neuro-scientists have long known that teaching, learning, and brain function are intricately connected. Apart from the educational qualification that is available in India, you also need to have qualified professionals in the field of neuro-education and psychotherapy.

You must be wondering what is neuro-education?

Neuro-education, neuro:- is an emerging scientific field that explore the interactions between biological, intellectual processes . Education: - is imparting knowledge, skills and judgement to students and neuro education involves how various parts and feature of brain is involved in development of education system.
It is a new field that is rapidly emerging in the world of education. Neuro-education has emerged in education research today because of some amazing new discoveries in neuroscience that have changed our understanding of how the human brain experiences, interprets, decides and acts in this world. Perhaps it was inevitable that these discoveries should be applied not only to students and also to teacher, management and parents.
The process of synthesis plays an important role in education.. The teachers must be equipped with the following skills: Rapport building, Effective listening, Paraphrasing, Communication with self and others, Rational beliefs., Role clarity , Anger management, How to lead your class , matching, mirroring, leading and pacing, Critical thinking, Ability to assess and judge information, Creating a mental state for learning.
After completion of program you will be having clear information about what to teach/learn and how to teach/learn. And if at all you want to research in education field you will understand the area of concern to be resolved

What Will I Get Out Of This Programme?
  • To help understand better what causes our wonderful, creative children to begin to act like intolerable brats.
  • To provide with large set of new tools, methods, techniques and skills to use in the pursuit in class.
  • To improve the quality of life personally and professionally.
  • Handle conflict more effectively so that the outcome is positive and relationships are strengthened at the same time.
  • Reduce by massive degree the amount of stress you suffer in class, in school and as a result of teaching.
  • Bring out the best in every child, including and especially the difficult one.
  • Gain the willing co-operation of the whole class.
  • Become an even better manager and an even better leader.
  • Become an inspiration and a role model to all the children who pass your way.
  • To help upgrade of the teaching profession and all the teachers so that society, parents, children and the government all put higher value on teachers and the teaching profession.
  • You will be having clear information about what to teach/learn and how to teach/learn. And if at all you want to research in education field you will understand the area of concern to be resolved

This program will act as the formal bridge linking the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education that has been missing for decades.